الاثنين، 28 يونيو 2010

Not the end YET

It isn't the end YET
but it's coming so soon
and I'm gonna feel it again
OH Allah please help ME
help me pass all this
help us to always be together me and my friends
coz I only have You my God
and them

الأحد، 20 يونيو 2010

الأحد، 13 يونيو 2010

Is it Real

Was I really that stupid to believe in you?
to think that you can get me through?
Is it Real?
what I'm feeling inside
Is it Real??
tell me how you can be that tough
while I'm so incomplete?
how could you get through
while I can't stop my falling tears?
or is it you were never lost like me?
just tell me
Is it Real??
I can't find my way
Is it Real?
or is it just me dreaming?
and holding my hopeless dream
so just tell me
Is it Real?
my nights are going sleepless
staring at the ceiling
holding my dying dream
my mind keeps looking for a way
searching for an answer
Is it real???
tell me Is it REAL